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innovative engineered solutions
Austeng is proud of the reputation we have built as an innovative and world-class designer and manufacturer of quality automated special purpose equipment for industry as well as a range of industrial ovens

Australian Engineering Solutions Pty. Ltd. 
Trading as Austeng 
78-80 Douro Street,
North Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 3215

Tel: 03 5278 2044
Fax: 03 5278 5176

Austeng is excellent at developing practical engineering solutions…by the novel and creative application of existing technology and/or the development of new technology.
Austeng has engineering experience in a wide range of areas including-
specialised materials handling, conveyors of all types, hydraulics and pneumatics, vibratory equipment, electrical and control, ovens and furnaces including cremators, robotics, pumps, pressure vessels, equipment that makes pre-fabricated trusses, furnace charging systems, casting shake outs, high shear mixers and container tippers.
Because our previous solutions can be adapted to many applications Austeng proudly claims one of the widest client bases for a company of our size. We span a wide range of industries including - Automotive and Automotive Support , Timber Construction, Textile, Paper, Screen Printing, Petroleum, Foundry, Ovens and Cemetery and Crematoria.