A unique partnership between Austeng, bio-technology company Cytomatrix Pty. Ltd. and Deakin University has been recognized by winning the prestigious Victorian Engineering Excellence Award for Research & Development/Innovation at a glittering awards ceremony at Hamer Hall, Art Centre, on 10th September 2014.

These parties have together created a world-first manufacturing process for a new class of high value materials being novel or short nanofibres.  These novel materials open up a wide range of new applications in bio-technology, medicine, materials science and other fields.

A successful, dynamic and interactive collaboration between academic and industrial partners has realized a multi-scale approach to short-nanofibre manufacturing.  In a concerted effort, the various project partners contributed unique know-how with Austeng (project leader) providing fluid-systems engineering expertise, and Cytomatrix/Deakin providing the short nanofibre know-how and rapid prototyping capabilities including 3D printing.  In 2014 Austeng manufactured, delivered, installed and commissioned the short nanofibre manufacturing plant.

Key engineering innovations of this project derive from design principles from the aeronautic and auto industries applied in an entirely-new context to generate highly-tuneable nanoscale fibre materials.

Ross George, Managing Director of Austeng commented that…”It was great to see academia and industry collaborating to produce such a good outcome for both parties and the Geelong region and to be recognized by engineering peers for the underlying engineering innovation and development”.