Austeng is a well-established company  with an excellent engineering reputation in the design and manufacture of special purpose equipment for industry.

Situated in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, Austeng is an industry leader in engineered solutions, particularly relating to import replacement and is currently further developing its export potential.

One-stop Solutions Using a Mechatronics Approach

Austeng offers a “one-stop” solution to its clients providing a complete service from the design through the manufacture, installation and commissioning phases.

It often uses a “mechatronics” approach, i.e. it integrates mechanical and electronic elements of machines often in an unusual or innovative fashion to enable equipment to carry out various manufacturing tasks.

We also provide a comprehensive range of design and drafting services, combining a wealth of experience in designing mechanical systems with utilisation of Computer Aided Design facilities.

Quality Policy

Austeng is committed to maintaining a consistently high quality in all aspects of the design, manufacture and installation of their equipment.

All employees are encouraged to take responsibility for quality at every stage of this process.

Health & Safety Approach

The management of Austeng recognizes the importance of providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and to actively promote safe work conditions and safe work practices. An extensive health and safety manual outlining policies and procedures in this area has been developed, in consultation with all employees.

Health and safety is of prime importance to us also when designing equipment and machinery for our client. We encourage and promote communication to explore all aspects of safety throughout the design and build process. All our equipment comes with manuals and a hazard and risk analysis.


Austeng – The template for a successful manufacturing future.

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Austeng features in Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) journal article “Rebooting the business” about its re-consideration of its operating model.

Close Partnership with Overseas Companies

Austeng has often worked closely with overseas companies, especially those who do not have offices or agents in Australia, to the benefit of both the Australian customer and overseas supplier.

The advantage to the overseas companies is that they are made more competitive. The advantages to their clients include:

  • on-going service and follow up support
  • cost benefits due to local manufacture
  • attendant advantages relating to ease of communication delivered within the same time zone and same language
  • ability to source locally, peripheral equipment such as handling and support equipment

This situation can come about in a number of ways. For example:

1. by overseas companies providing specialised expertise/technology (kept in commercial confidence by Austeng) or

2. we manufacture sub-assemblies in accordance with our clients drawings and/or install projects or simply supply after sales service/support.

Companies we have worked with closely include:

Ultra Seal International Ltd (U.K.)
Furnace Construction Co. Ltd (U.K.)
Semco Pty Ltd (U.S.A.)
American Colloid (U.S.A.)
Superior Graphite (U.S.A.)
Hickman Williams (U.S.A.)
R.L.A. Polymers (Malaysia)
Pioneer Furnaces (India)
E.T.F. Machinefabrik (Netherlands)
2KM (Germany)
Matthews International Ltd. (U.S.A.)

If you would like more details about our company, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at info@austeng.net.au