We act with integrity and responsibility towards our clients, suppliers and colleagues:

  • We trust our staff to act autonomously and to make professional decisions
  • We expect our staff to accept the responsibility of that trust.

We have an underlying belief in people doing the right thing


We treat all people with respect:

  • We respect their feelings, their differences and their rights
  • This is demonstrated by the way we behave, listen and talk
  • We treat others the way we would wish to be treated our selves


We thrive on a variety of work and fresh challenges to our skills:

  • There is a “can do” attitude at Austeng
  • We’re willing to have a go at doing things differently
  • Our work involves ingenuity of engineered designs


Our team is committed to each other and to our clients:

  • We are tenacious in overcoming obstacles
  • We go the “extra yard” to finish the job properly
  • We back up and support workmates


We engage with our clients to ensure that their needs come first:

  • We take time to ascertain their needs
  • We create unique solutions that our clients value
  • We form partnerships with those clients who value what we offer


We have a drive to be financially and environmentally sustainable; thus ensuring a long-term future for employees, suppliers and clients.

See articles from The Age dated 16 March 2012

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Austeng Supporting

Austeng is proud to be a sponsor of The Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge 2017.

See letter of appreciation dated 17/02/2014  – Diversitat Youth