Austeng has a proven track record in providing a bridge between a concept, idea or research and a commercial reality.

“If Australia is to re-establish itself as the “clever country” we must connect our inventors and innovators with sources of funding.  Often we have found the gap between investment and a great idea/laboratory development  is a proof of concept prototype/small scale machine/pre production device.  Development of these devices removes risk for investors and demonstrates the validity of the Inventor/university idea.” Ross George, Managing Director

Such funding may well include government provided funding.  We have successfully worked with numerous clients in the past in this regard securing funding from State and Federal levels of government.  As an “industry partner” our reputation and experience in this area adds weight to the application. We can work with you to transform the idea/concept/lab device a concrete reality.




See article from Engineers Australia Journal dated July 2014 “Academia & Industry – Negotiating The Cultural Divide”.

See a presentation of Austeng Managing Director Ross George headed Your Catalyst to Commercialisation for Greenfield project examples.

Refer to Tech Enabler Projects for further examples.