Innovative Engineering Solutions

Austeng has a proven track record in working with producers to assist them to introduce cutting edge systems that enable them to  compete in an increasingly global market.

Austeng is proud of the reputation it has built as an innovative and world-class designer and manufacturer of quality automated special purpose equipment for industry.

A Solutions Approach

A core approach to our business is engineering solutions.

We work closely with our clients to:

  • Define their situation, problems or needs
  • Suggest various solutions
  • Develop concept designs
  • Where applicable, provide appropriate experimentation
  • Where applicable, integrate all aspects of new design into existing systems
  • Provide a fixed price quotation and guaranteed outcome
  • Design, manufacture, install and commission all equipment in-house.
  • Provide follow-up support and service.


We proudly claim one of the widest client base for a company of our size.  They span a wide range of industries including:-

  • Clean technology
  • Automotive
  • Textile
  • Construction
  • Printing
  • Foundry
  • Cemetery and Crematoria


Our experience is in a range of areas including:-

  • Conveyors of all types
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Vibratory equipment
  • Electrical and control
  • Ovens and Furnaces
  • Robotics
  • Specialised Materials Handling
  • Pumps
  • Pressure Vessels


With over 30 years experience in manufacturing Ovens and associated equipment we are well placed to offer the best in technology for any application.

  • Battery Plate Drying
  • Textile Drying
  • Batch Drying and Curing
  • Automotive Filter Drying
  • Aluminium Ageing
  • Paint Drying Ovens
  • Powder Coating
  • Food Drying (Grain, Fruit, etc)
  • Conveyorised Pizza Curing
  • Rubber Extrusion Curing
  • Foam Rubber Drying
  • Plastic Mono-Filament Ovens
  • After Burners
  • Core Drying…

…. And many more

Health and Safety

Austeng also specialises in innovative and practical solutions to a range of health and safety challenges involving industrial equipment.