Austeng are a boutique engineering firm that specialises in the design, engineering, development and building of customised electromechanical machinery and systems.

Eco Whisper Wind Turbine

Over the last three years we have been working with the Renewable Energy Solutions Pty. Ltd. (RESA) team to develop, refine and manufacture their innovative, efficient and virtually silent Eco Whisper Turbine (EWT 625).  This exciting new development in green […]

Automotive and Automotive Support Industry Projects

Automotive Industry Facility to automatically fettle Crankshafts, Camshafts and Manifolds using 6 axis robots for Ford Motor Co. Our function was to provide load stations, grippers, laser gauging, unload station and reject chutes and most importantly the global control to […]

Carpet Industry Projects

Textile Tanks Seen above. Auto Foamer Used in the carpet industry to control and regulate the latex which is used as a glue. The foamer is used to deliver “pre-coat” latex to adhere tufted yarn to the backing media. The […]

Cross Industry Applications

Ovens With over 30 years experience in manufacturing ovens and associated equipment we are well placed to offer the best in technology for any application. Battery Plate Drying Textile Drying Batch Drying or Curing Automotive Filter Drying Aluminium Ageing Paint […]

Dispensing Solutions

Austeng has access to a wide range of metering and dispensing systems through their recent technology partnership with well-known and respected European manufacturer 2KM. Austeng dispensing solutions in Australia Austeng has access to a wide range of metering and dispensing […]

Foundry Industry

Foundry Furnace Charging Systems Austeng has developed the most accurate and advanced furnace charging system yet. Metal is delivered to the furnaces in the correct amounts to produce the required alloy without recharging. Additives to create different alloys can be […]

Textile Industry Projects

An automated Monorail Transport System for Rocklea Spinning Mills, Bendigo to store various grades of cotton and transport the spools between the roving machines and the spinning machines An automatic autoclave for hydrating cotton, also for Rocklea A polymer batching […]

Timber Construction Industry

Austeng manufactures machines for making prefabricated trusses of all shapes and sizes. All the machines use hydraulic presses to press nail plates into precut softwood or hardwood. Strut Runner Press The Strut Runner is a machine to make floor trusses. […]

Various Projects

A selection of projects including; Specialised Exhaust Gas Handling Pole Re-butting Equipment Transportation Paper Industry Screen Printing Industry Petroleum Industry Crematoria Industry Train wash/water recycling Specialised Exhaust Gas Handling Engineering and manufacture of specialised exhaust gas diverter valves for use […]

Recent Projects


Austeng has collaborated with Capricorn Power to run successful trials to support the technical development...