Textile Tanks

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Auto Foamer

Used in the carpet industry to control and regulate the latex which is used as a glue. The foamer is used to deliver “pre-coat” latex to adhere tufted yarn to the backing media. The latex is foamed with air to reduce the volume of latex applied so as to reduce cost.

Jute Coater

The jute coater is used to adhere jute/hessian backing to the tufted carpet. Both the jute coater and auto foamer systems regulate the amount of latex compound (which is very expensive) applied to match the speed of the carpet line, while maintaining all of the required material parameters i.e. foam density and volume per sq. meter. The automatic regulator saves substantial amounts in material usage and can increase production line speed as well.

Carpet Roll Up Machine

Rolls up a carpet roll to transfer a roll of carpet to another process line. Also manufactured are unrolling and reverse rolling machines that increases the carpet tufting consistency between rolls by reversing its direction of feed stock on the final finishing line.