• Austeng was approached by Austrak Ltd to refurbish and build concrete sleeper manufacturing equipment for export to United Arab Emirates (alternative source of supply was from China or widely spread Australian companies)
    • Unable to do in isolation given skill sets required.
  • Individual companies came together as a group as follows:
    • Hi-Tech Electrical Services – electrical
    • Berendsens – hydraulic Company
    • Robert Lange Engineering
    • Austeng
  • This co-operative model with Austeng undertaking overall co-ordination of the project minimised commercial risk for client, promoted quality assurance, local proximity of client, reduced clients administration burden in a very busy period, eliminated engineering risk and gave the client peace of mind.

The success of this project highlights the manufacturing strengths and diversity of the Geelong region and the benefits of this model.

Casting Machine

  • Pours concrete sleepers, levels off and vibrates


Diamond Saw

  • Cuts sleepers and flips around, then stacks



  • Pulls moulds from concrete
  • Sleepers ready to be pulled through and cut by saw