Recent Projects
Austeng are a boutique engineering firm that specialises in the design, engineering, development and building of customised electromechanical machinery and systems.
  • Mobile Aluminium Access Platform
  • Aluminium Work Platform
  • Custom Access Platform
  • Aluminium Wind Turbine Hub

Specialist Aluminium Welding

Austeng has established a reputation for our specialist Aluminium welding (TIG and MIG) services. Power Distribution Industry Our services are routinely relied upon by a number of Electrical Network Providers to ensure infrastructure upgrades and maintenance shutdown works are completed […]

Prototype Nanofibre Production Machine

An innovative State Government funding model has enabled local biotechnology company Cytomatrix, Deakin University and Geelong based engineers and manufacturing company Austeng to collaborate to create a new manufacturing capability and employment opportunity in the region, building on Geelong’s long […]

Eco Whisper Wind Turbine

Over the last three years we have been working with the Renewable Energy Solutions Pty. Ltd. (RESA) team to develop, refine and manufacture their innovative, efficient and virtually silent Eco Whisper Turbine (EWT 625).  This exciting new development in green […]

“Green Transfer Project” Pixel Display – City of Melbourne

As a result of a competition run by the City of Melbourne promoting innovative new public artwork that responds to the sustainability of a building, ARUP Infomatics conceived “The Green Transfer” Project. Their proposal for a sculptural, changeable programmable facade […]

Case Study on group co-operation – Concrete Sleeper Manufacturing – Austrack Ltd

Austeng was approached by Austrak Ltd to refurbish and build concrete sleeper manufacturing equipment for export to United Arab Emirates (alternative source of supply was from China or widely spread Australian companies) Unable to do in isolation given skill sets […]


Wardrobe Window Automator

Premium manufacture wardrobe and shower screen doors in a competitive environment where if they are to maintain an advantage over foreign imports, they must offer doors made to any size their customer requires at very short notice. To assist in […]


Timber Construction Industry Projects

Strut Runner Press The Strut Runner is a machine to make floor trusses. The travelling press head moves down a track/pressing table, over the top of a truss to be pressed. The operator lowers the press head anywhere required. Table […]

Automotive and Automotive Support Industry Projects

Automotive Industry Facility to automatically fettle Crankshafts, Camshafts and Manifolds using 6 axis robots for Ford Motor Co. Our function was to provide load stations, grippers, laser gauging, unload station and reject chutes and most importantly the global control to […]

Curing Oven for Carbon Fibre Wheel

Our client Carbon Revolution has developed a world first “one-piece” carbon fibre wheel that represents cutting edge in design and manufacture with composite materials resulting in attendant benefits and savings. See Austeng assisted in the commercialisation process by developing […]

Customised kinder sculptures and play equipment

Austeng was pleased to assist landscaping architects Garden Consultants in designing and manufacturing customised striking ‘brain-explosion’ sculpture including ringing bells and whirly gig, curved amphitheater structure posts and two slides in the recent opening of the local One World for […]

Recent Projects