Recent Projects
Austeng are a boutique engineering firm that specialises in the design, engineering, development and building of customised electromechanical machinery and systems.

Paper, Screen Printing and Petroleum Industry Projects

Paper Industry Projects Automatic robotics paper stacking and baling equipment for A.P.M Maryvale Paper reel splitter for A.P.M. Maryvale and Wesleyvale Screen Printing Industry Projects A variety of specialist Drying equipment for Intergraphic Technologies Pty. Ltd. incorporating Ultra Violet, Infra […]



Manufacture & customisation of various fire training simulation equipment for Dutch based company Haagen.  These are stand alone gas fired units that can be positioned virtually anywhere around the training site.  The equipment included the following scenarios:- car fire, industrial […]

Geelong’s 2014 Christmas decoration displays

Floating Christmas Tree Austeng was pleased to play its role in building part of Geelong’s popular floating Christmas Tree located at Eastern BeachWaterfront in Corio Bay.  Austeng provided specialist sectional rolling capabilities to form the structural inner rings of the […]

Architectural window frames

Austeng have manufactured a range of bespoke window frame for architectural projects. House @ Hanging Rock Customised window frames for award winning house at Hanging Rock.             Austeng recently fabricated large steel window frames and […]

Architectural fireplaces

Austeng can sculpt beautiful bespoke fireplaces from mild and stainless steels to architect’s specifications. Our tradesmen have an eye for detail, are highly skilled and experienced metal workers.  See some examples below of a serpentine fireplace/wood storage unit and a […]

Architectural Signage

Architectural Signage The iconic ‘the Pier’ sign stands proud at the end of Cunningham Pier, Geelong.  The sign was fabricated from laser cut Cor-ten steel to give an even long lasting weathered appearance.    


In early 2015 Austeng worked with Deakin University to develop a unit that harmlessly repels birds in certain environments.  the intellectual property developed by a Deakin University animal behaviorist revolved around pulsing light at set frequencies.  These flashing lights are […]

Train Wash / Water Recycling

In conjunction with our client EDI we developed a train wash station which minimised the use of water during the wash-down process for trains. This staged project developed a cost effective method of filtering and sterilising the “wash” water (taking […]


Manufacture of customised Lifting Frame to comply with Australian Standards to support clients proprietary bundle puller used to extract 30 tonne bundle and being the first time this process has been used in Australia. Testimonial from client “We used the […]


Automotive and Automotive Support Industry Projects

Automotive Industry Facility to automatically fettle Crankshafts, Camshafts and Manifolds using 6 axis robots for Ford Motor Co. Our function was to provide load stations, grippers, laser gauging, unload station and reject chutes and most importantly the global control to […]

Recent Projects