• An automated Monorail Transport System for Rocklea Spinning Mills, Bendigo to store various grades of cotton and transport the spools between the roving machines and the spinning machines
  • An automatic autoclave for hydrating cotton, also for Rocklea
  • A polymer batching plant for Godfrey Hirst, Geelong
  • More projects see Carpet Industry

High Shear Mixers

Austeng has developed a range of foaming machines to add precise volumes of air to industrial fluids on a continuous process basis. The resultant foamed liquids have an accurate and adjustable foam density, and can be varied in foam volume output to suit any requirement. There are two styles of machines, in a range of capacities; manual – all process variables are directly modified by the operator, or automatic where the operator selects the product to be run from a menu, and foam production accurate to within ± 2% of liquid chemicals/air mix. The automatic high shear mixer adjusts its out put for variation in linespeed or system pressure.