Strut Runner Press

The Strut Runner is a machine to make floor trusses. The travelling press head moves down a track/pressing table, over the top of a truss to be pressed. The operator lowers the press head anywhere required. Table length can be varied to suit. Standard length is approximately 15m.

Automatic Truss Stacker

Automatically sorts and stacks trusses into specific job lots after they have been manufactured whilst removing manual handling operations and ensuring optimization of space.

Jack Jig

The Jack Jig pictured above makes roofing trusses for pitches between 5° and 45° at a production rate of around 1 truss/minute. The operator loads in the timber and presses the start button. Everything else is automatic until the timber has to be moved. The jack jig has pneumatic brakes on all the press heads, has a winding mechanism to aid pitch adjustment, pneumatic timber stops, and is fitted with industrial drag chains to contain all the pneumatic hosing that clutters the floor.

Table Press

Our unique table press is only 250mm high for ease of set-up and unloading. The press is hydraulic on a large base used for pressing trusses of any size. The press width is approximately 2 m and the length of the table is approximately 5 m. The press head moves on powered rollers, and the operator rides on the press head to operate the machine.